Am I an Empath ?

You don't need to clear your mind

What you may not realize about being an empath

Everyone has two spiritual energies or chi, these are fire chi and water chi.. the water chi being the compassionate, nurturing, sensual, empathic energy and the other, its counterpart, fire chi the passionate, powerful, intense energy that is also very responsible for a lot of physical healing aspects.

As we evolve on the spiritual journey the aim is to develop both of these energies at the same time, becoming more powerful whilst at the same time more flowing and compassionate.. At any one time we are all at different points on this journey..

Everyone has some empathic ability wherever they are .. its not as clear cut as there being empaths and non empaths.. you energy can’t exist in a bubble, it sense other people’s energies, the issue being how much the ego is blocking your awareness of it..

Interactions are based way more on energy than we tend to realize.. lets use an example to demonstrate and how the same energy can create wildly different reactions in different people…

A woman walks into a room, lets call her Susan.. she has well developed energy she is powerful and at the same time compassionate and flowing..

4 people in the room sense her presence as she walks in

The first person is insecure, she has suppressed fire chi, so Susan’s fire chi triggers her immediately.. Her ego is in victim mode and so she interprets this triggering as some form of aggression or that Susan  “feels she’s better than me”

Person number 2 also has suppressed fire chi and is insecure but her ego is not in the victim mode..  Her fire chi is triggered by Susan’s and she feels “here is someone who can help me, I would like to be like her”

Person Number 3 has suppressed water chi so emotions are not close to the surface.. she senses Susan’s warm compassionate, sensual flowing water chi, but her ego is in victim mode.. She projects that Susan is just trying to steal attention from everyone in the room.

The fourth person also has suppressed water chi  but her ego is not in victim mode, she senses Susan’s warm, nurturing, compassionate, sensual water chi and feels that here is someone who could be open and help her..

Something you may hear is that empaths have to suffer the pains of the world. NO.. you learn to work with the sensitivity so its not always fully open, but you can modulate it.. Staying fully open can cause major problems so please don’t subscribe to “it’s just how I have to be” or avoid people and situations, that’s not why you have the ability…

Thus we can have 4 entirely different reactions from people experiencing the same energy..

Working with the world of energy is fascinating and empowering and starts to make sense of much of the stuff that just doesn’t seem to make sense when you use the “conventional” explanation..  BUT we need to learn about it.. I’m not talking relating the chakras in order or visualizing a bubble of light around us, I’m talking the real and practical skills to manipulate energy; to protect out energy space without having to withdraw from people ( nobody can help someone if they have to run away from them ), how to see if we have fire and water chi both open, and how to open them if triggered closed..and many others, not least learning about the interactions mentioned in the examples above

So many empaths don’t learn the skills and suffer everyone else’s emotions needlessly or isolate themselves – that’s not how its supposed to be whatever you read on the web.. Once you learn how to work with your energy not just wait to see what it does next, the universe opens to infinite possibility

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