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I often deal with the question about my work “what is Objective Metaphysics and how is it different” and I have written a lot about it and tried to encapsulate it in a number of ways but here’s perhaps an opportunity to really simplify…

Firstly there are some schools of thought that Metaphysics is something to do with philosophy but that’s not at all what I’m talking about with regard to my field and work.. I am referring to the science of spiritual energy, a parallel to the science of physical matter, which we refer to as physics.

No concepts, no philosophy no viewpoints, simply working with universal energy in a real and practical way that has demonstrable results and that adheres to a set of universal laws of energy…ALL non physical.. The shorthand for that is that we change the energy and we see change in not only the energy but physical, emotional and mental aspects on the physical plane responding to these energies.

Most metaphysics that’s out there is subjective, based upon personal likes, belief or faith, culture.. Religion, Mysticism, Spiritualism are examples.
And if you were to consult with someone from one of those fields the context would be the framework of beliefs that went with it… And if you do the chances are that you may also already believe in that framework of beliefs so its not objective.

Objective metaphysics on the other hand is not influenced by what you like, or believe, it will deliver OBJECTIVELY against known, observable universal principles and laws and be tested again reality.. Now to some people who embrace subjective spirituality that’s seen as disrespectful and unhelpful because their beliefs are very much part of them.. But to people in the objective it’s seen as the ultimate professionalism and compassion due to its absolute adherence to de-personalization and just getting the right answers in order to best help the client.

So its like science ? Yes, because its the Metaphysics without the icons, symbols, mysticism, myths or beliefs.. It doesn’t disrespect those, it just stays separate from them. We can and d work with the universal energies every day and we can using psychic reading in this context to read the energies and work with them and that’s what Objective Metaphysics is about. For want of a better term its the science of universal energy, not physical things, and its results are just as demonstrable when practiced well and its principles just as objective.

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