A Little More on Synchronicity

I sometimes explain synchronicity using the analogy of lunchtime.. We observe ( as a hypothetical example ) that when you look at your watch and it says 1pm every day you note you also feel hungry… The scientific ( physical science ) approach is to ask is the watch causing the hunger or is the hunger causing the watch to say 1pm ? Of course its neither.. but that’s the default approach we are conditioned to take, the simple cause and effect model.

What’s happening is that your watch is set coincident with the position of objects in the universe that respond to the global universal energy, i.e the sun and the planet earth, and at the same time your physiology responds to the same forces and so all are synchronous.. which is what you would expect in a synchronous universe..

So the answer to the question “wow this happened what are the chances of that ?” my answer would be, start worrying when things aren’t synchronous..the fact you didn’t notice it before is the issue because your mind is programmed to the cause and effect model, not a model of a connected universe.

Now its not just as simple as the universe creating physical events, as I mentioned in a previous post, she works in energies.. and its living things responding to those energies that create the events. For example to say “he will eat lunch at 1 o clock” is not possible because you could choose not to, you define that event. But to say “he will be hungry at 1 o clock” is easily seeable from the cycles of energy to which you are subject..
So in the “what are the chances of that happening” example, the answer is the chances are extremely high of it happening at some point because at some point someone is going to react to the energy that’s calling them to take an action, but as to which action or when that’s up to them. This week, this month, this year, this decade, next lifetime.. the universe doesn’t mind.

To all those people who assign synchronicity to specific meanings and events, you will get frustrated and disappointed and just make a few authors richer because your universe controls things through energies not situations..Once you can embrace that and start to lose the “life is physical” model which is the matrix within which society traps us, then you can start to appreciate the truth.

If you’re seeing synchronicity it means one thing, that you are starting to observe a connected universe. And if that meaning is not absolutely mind blowing profound enough, then you still have a way to go, but one day it will be..

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