“A Foot on the Path” – Katy’s Story

[ The case studies are not here to illustrate soul connections but to demonstrate the power of personal healing and transformation using Ptsen Nuh metaphysical techniques.

In some cases, but not all, the persons need for healing was triggered by a soul connection however in these articles case studies we do not look at the relationship aspects or if they got back together – we focus on the individuals’ healing and transformation.

If you want to know about a soul connection you will not find out about it from anyone else’s story even if they seem similar because every situation so unique thats why we don’t feature the stories .. Soul connection articles on the general issues and principles can be found here but to find about about your own unique situation it needs to looked at individually which can only come from an individual consultation.]

A big thank you to Katy who shares her story with a wish to help others who are walking the path she’s on.

Katy’s story in her own words

Like many of you reading this article, I have been involved in a soul mate connection for a number of years. I have tried every kind of therapy and treatment to “rid me” of the pain I have suffered as a result of my connection: Reiki, yoga, counselling, metaphysical counselling, psychic reading after psychic reading (the amount of money I spent is pretty shocking)…and although they all had their benefits in their own way in the short-term, nothing was able to get to the root of my issues.

The initial delight I felt when my situation was described as a “soul mate connection” by many of the psychics I spoke to soon dissipated as the pain of the separation from my soul mate continued. In fact, not only were we apart, but he had also told me he could not give me what I wanted or make me happy as he was not ready to settle down and that he did not want the same things as me. To add insult to injury last year he became involved with someone else. In fairness to him we had only ever been very close friends and to this day, he is still with the other woman. Nearly every psychic reading told me that he loved me and that they were not meant to be. This was seen only as a temporary situation but it didn’t make me feel any better here and now. Moreover, by looking at the situation logically, my guy had chosen to be with someone else and had decided to effectively cut me out of his life. All the psychic readings in the world could not make me feel any better. Furthermore, the more often I had readings, the less effective they became at easing my pain and providing the necessary reassurance I sought to help me make it through the day. If I was told that he loved me I didn’t believe it anymore. Yet if I was given a negative reading where I was told he didn’t love me, I instantly believed it must be true. After all, if he loved me he would be with me right?? To make matters worse I would seek out more positive readings to negate what I had been told. It got to the stage whereby I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

I first contacted Steve about a year ago after reading his Soul Shock article on the net. For the first time I can genuinely say that someone had been able to make sense of the madness and it felt great to truly understand the reasons behind my connection. I was actually relieved when he told me he could not put a timing on when my soul mate would contact me etc. I was sick of being repeatedly disappointed when timings came and went with nothing to show for it. I actually remember reading someone else’s feedback on an online psychic site that I used, whereby the client had stated that various readers had told her the same thing over a period of EIGHT YEARS and that nothing had come to fruition. It was at that point that I realised I had to do something about myself.

Eventually I contacted Steve again and started doing PN but was unsuccessful the first time around as I was just not ready to do the work. I think I was looking for a “quick fix” and although Steve asked me on a number of occasions if I was ready to really do the work, in hindsight I hadn’t suffered enough. I guess what I am trying to show you is that the work is hard but you have to be disciplined and in a place where you have nothing else to lose, and where you cannot and will not allow the pain to consume you any more. I had started to look older and haggard – something I could never have been accused of before. I cried every single day for 2 and half years. I no longer saw the joy in anything or anyone. My doctor prescribed me anti-depressants, and I spent most of my time in a perpetual state of numbness. Like many of you I am sure, for a long time I felt that it was right to feel such pain as it meant that everything I had gone through was real. That so long as I felt this way, I must love this man and he must love me. But there are only so many tears you can cry and just before Christmas last year I realised that I could not go on this way. I had a responsibility to my family and more importantly to myself, to get well again and to enjoy my life. As clichéd as it sounds, life is not a dress rehearsal and I was totally fed up with struggling just to make it through the day. So, I contacted Steve again and began the PN process once more, but determined this time that I would do the work.

Now, (aside from a few wobbles along the way!) I am getting there and life seems good again. I am starting to feel a sense of liberation that I could only have dreamed of, even as recently as 6 months ago. In fact, very recently I suddenly realised why I have been going through this painful situation… to kick me up the butt and make me see that I cannot keep plodding along with my life the way I have. Forget the relationship. I have been unhappy for YEARS about myself, my achievements, everything. My soul mate ran through fear, but guess what – he is only mirroring my own fears. I have been afraid to truly do the things I want with my life and to be the person I now know I truly can be. How on earth could I be with someone else when I hated myself as much as I did and had yet to fulfil my potential? I have needed this time to sort my life out for ME! Not for anyone else.

Interestingly, since I have been integrating the PN techniques into my life, my soul mate has been in touch out of the blue after a seven-month hiatus. He wanted to know how I was. Two days later I bumped into him – true evidence that the Universe is in the driving seat here. My dreams have become way more profound and I seem to dream about him most of the time. Each dream shows me that the timing is just not right between us at the moment. Of course he has gone quiet again and I have no idea how long for. He is fighting this “thing” every step of the way but even he can’t deny that the synchronistic events surrounding the two of us are occurring more and more frequently. I have no idea what will happen between my soul mate and myself, but I know he is not anywhere near ready to walk the walk. That doesn’t matter now. Don’t get me wrong, I miss him every day and I know I will always love him deeply. However, I now have a deep respect and faith in this whole process. What matters most to me now is that, thanks to PN, I have stepped foot on my path and tentative as those steps may initially have been, I have no intention of looking back.

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  1. That’s great Katy, well done! I did my PN in September 2009 and continued practise everyday has made me feel better and better. Stuff happens along the way, that’s life, but I can honestly say that nipping it in the bud with the appropriate techniques gets me back to feeling great in no time. I make sure I don’t slip too far backwards as I worked really hard to get back on my path and I make sure that I stay on that path, because it feels fantastic! Keep up the good work Katy.

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