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These articles appear in support of my work, to give context and clarification to some common spiritual issues and universal law for people who are considering working with me. ..

These articles can not answer specific questions on your situation – there’s no one-size-fits-all, they are here for context – only a reading/consultation can give you the right detailed answers with your unique situation and recommend the specific course of action to take to help you travel further along your path to happiness. See the main page for consultations or read the FAQ about me and my work.

Listen to Audio MP3 of me explaining what Objective Metaphysics is and what it can offer you

Waiting is never a universal lessons – there are always options, always things you can ( and are supposed to ) do to further your unique progress towards happiness in every single situation – and my work – the readings, counseling and teachings are meant to give you the tools to not only understand what drives the future but to change it

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Soul Connections – The Myths And The Metaphysics



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Listen to Audio MP3 of me explaining what Objective Metaphysics is and what it can offer you

Energy Work – Relapse, Slippage and Loss of Context  – 8 min 17 secs – 8.13Mb


Newer Articles

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Article Archive

1. Soulmate FAQ ( 2007 )
2. “The Dance” – An excerpt from When Two Souls Connect
4. Soul Connection or Relationship ?
5. Why do we have soul connections ?
6. Soul Shock – A real soulmate story
7. Soul Connections What have we learned ?
8. Transactions in relationships
9. The Misunderstood Mechanics of Destiny
10. What is “Ego Death” ?
11. More on Ego Death
12. Even more on Ego Death
13. The Secret Life of your Energy
14. The long road to happiness
15. “Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping ( “PN” )
16. The real “Secret” of Manifestation
17. The Metaphysics of Divine Timing
18. Steve Gunn Biog & Background
19. Foundational Principles of Ptsen-Nuh
20. Steve Gunn Feedback
21. Ping-Pong-Polarization
22. Unlock The Psychic Within
23. Spiritual Awakening FAQ
24. The “Old Soul” Test
25. Boundaries..What Boundaries?
26. “Ego Death” and Objectivity
27. Soul Connection Karma
28. Ptsen-Nuh FAQ
29. Meditation or Meditation or Meditation
30. Meditation or “Mental-tation”
31. Boudaries – what boundaries II
32. Energy Dynamics of Soul Connections
33. The Power to Choose
34. Time and Again, and again, and again
35. Soul Shock – Fiona and Robert Update
36. Post Awakening Substance Intolerance
37. Peace – witnessing “Ego Death”
38. Quote From the Front Lines
39. Advanced Spiritual Practises
40. Psychic Guidance Code of Practise
41. Don’t Worry It’ll All Be Ok..or maybe not
42. Choosing  A Modality, Important Things To Know
43. Case study: Sue’s Story – Spiritual Transformation
44. The Problem With Reality
45. Psychic Reading or Fortune Telling ?
46. Dogs Bark, Cows Moo, Humans Store Pain
48. Soul Connection FAQ ( Update 2009 )
49. Case Study: Sarah’s Story
50. What the Robert and Fiona Story is REALLY About
51. Case Study: Jane’s Story
52. “It’s Different For Me”
54. Free Tarot Software
55. Michelle’s Story
56. Manifesting – the law of distraction ??
57. Fireworks – Rachel’s Story
58. Amazing-Frightening-Fascinating – Luna’s Story
59. Spiritual Case Studies – Important Facts
60. Psychic Reading or Mind Reading?
61. The “Twin Flame” Thing
62. The Meaning of Synchronicity ?
63. Freedom From The Past – Jennifers Story
64. Reader or Feeder ?
65. “A Foot on the Path” – Katy’s Story
66. Hannah’s Happy Ending
67. Steve Gunn – Questions & Mis-Perceptions
68. The Power of Self Healing – Jane’s Story
69. New Relationship ebook by Fiona beck
70. The Problem With Happiness
72. The New Me – Matilda’s Story
74. Spiritual Awakening – Riley’s Story
75. Sarah’s Soul Shock
78. 2012
79. Life is here and now
80. What is Objective Metaphysics