Internationally Recognized Psychic Metaphysical Practitioner with Clients on all Continents.

Psychic Reading and Consultation to tell you where you are on the path, why things are happening as they are, and what the universe wants from you – combined with Metaphysical teaching how to transcend those tests…to help make the future a happier one !   Click here to read some of the feedback and reviews

Helping you with anything to do with the inner journey to peace.

  • Soul Connections ( Twin Souls / Soulmates etc )
  • Feeling Stuck in Life
  • Dealing With Bereavement, Breakup, Fear, Old Wounds, Insecurity
  • Removing Stress – Finding Personal Power
  • Spiritual Progress – Developing Oneness – Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring
  • Psychic Development
  • Meditation & Energy Courses

It’s all about energy – courses for..

  • Addictions, overeating, self sabotage
  • Relaxation and de-stress
  • Release old wounds and find your balance and flow
  • Improved energy physical flow for optimum health and weight loss
  • No longer be a slave to emotions

 Author / Publisher of…

  • “When Two Souls Connect” ( self published 2003, paperback Publish America 2007 )
  • The Psychic Guidance Code Of Practise – 2004 –
  • Tarot-SG Tarot Reading & Training Software 2004, 2007, 2014
  • “Soul Connections The Myth & The Metaphysics” 2014
  • Author of many articles on Metaphysical subjects

Divisor of ..

  • Natural Energy Therapy – UK 2003
  • Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping – US 2007

Ordained Minister

A few example case studies..more here

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