3 Christmas Stress Essentials !

Christmas stress essentials

Learn 3 energy work essentials to help deal with the Holiday stress.

I’m offering a new single session to teach you the 3 energy work absolute essentials. These will get you grounded, peel off the stress, and clear your energy space of other people’s stress and avoid them draining you.

Don’t confuse these techniques with the visualizing chakras stuff, these techniques are very very powerful and used as a foundation to all my courses..so you won’t learn them anywhere else. We talk on phone or skype audio wherever you are in the world -You don’t need to know anything, you don’t need to visualize, you don’t need to clear your mind, you just need to let the techniques work for you.

A single 45 minute session and you need to be a room where there is enough space to stand with your arms out so it can’t work when you’re in a car.

Please PM or email to discuss in confidence…

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