Quite simply;

I believe 2011/12 brings the end of the cult of entitlement and the beginning of the age of taking ownership. That a time of “what life / people / universe can do for us” is already at an end ..

And that end is not through some sudden global realization or awakening, far from it, but through much suffering as we are shown how needy we can be as a species, how addictive, and how we generally aren’t taught to experience things in their raw form, or to work with fear, but to avoid it, and to satiate – in an ever increasing number of ways..

The information revolution has already shown us that it isn’t information that’s the valuable commodity because so much of it is at best worthless or at worst damaging as “the cult of consensus” become the new truth..

We are learning how incredibly rare and valuable a gem the real truth is and how well hidden amidst a vast sea of opinion.. And that to find that truth we must now learn to become discerning and “tuned in”, not just vote on the answers we like to create pseudo-realities that “fit” and don’t make us confront our fears or worries….

Global connectivity will eventually lead us closer to home as we once again begin to value home, family and community – to grow and trade and work locally.

Quality not quantity is the way forward, a new simpler more powerful way of being with respect for reality and the destruction of the nonsense of “my reality” or “your reality” as the blinkers are ripped off by global events to make us all face the one reality.

I believe our species really needs a rude awakening to exactly how far technology has taken us down one road to the exclusion of all others and how much work we have to do th change that..

And the most astonishing oversight of all is that most of our lives will be driven by emotions and yet where do we learn about those ? Most adults in the western world have few or no abilities to deal with and process emotions hence addiction, co-dependence abuse and dysfunction are the plague of modern times.

It’s time for change

It’s already started.. can you feel it yet ?

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  1. Hi Kyle,

    All things are controlled by the spiritual energy it is THE universal mechanism it creates life when it enters a body and takes it away when it leaves it, it is cycles of destiny and karma and all things follow it. Astronomers and astrologers have simply noted it via these planetary positions which are of course driven by it as are all things. They have noted that it all works in cycles within cycles, it is only the human brain that doesn’t work like that because the human brain is conditioned to think in lines, this we create something we call time which as a concept is linear when our universe isnt..

  2. Steve, thanks for the article. What do you mean by this:

    ‘a dual force of on the one hand increasing pressure and attachment to physical / material things on higher and higher levels’.

    Planes of existence? And how does a ‘cosmological cycle’ affect someone’s awareness? How was this predicted by a long count calender? And how did they know there would be a tangible ‘spiritual’ effect within?

    Thanks again!

  3. the problem is that people only seem to consider the universe as a physical entity whereas it is primarily an energetic entity that has physical elements. the cycles of these energies and the end of this “long count” is merely another energetic cycle..albeit a BIG one.. without doubt physical ramifications but a heck of a lot more than just that, these energies affect people deeply internally and bring about cycles of inner awareness and change, not through some sudden ‘ascension’ as people put it but through a dual force of on the one hand increasing pressure and attachment to physical / material things on higher and higher levels, and other the other hand a deepening dissatisfaction from these attachments.. This Powerful increase in pressure and stress on all living things to change, will cause immense and powerful change – yes including the physical world but by no means confined to just that. And like most of these changes there will be a lot of destruction to clear out the old first..

  4. yes! massive huge change i even get ppl i just met talking to me about their heart centres opening i guess us guys who went through these strong soul connections can almost lead the way a little as our hearts have become so wide open to live through them.

  5. So very happy I have found a place where everything in my head is in black and white. The last few months of my life have been a roller coaster of emotions and synchronistic experiences that I thought might drive me mad. I have now reached a place of love and exceptance and light. My counterpart is about three months behind me in his journey to this point. I know that he is in pain, however it is a beautiful thing to watch him bloom, and I cannot help but think that between the two of us we are about affecting the destiny of others. For the first time in my life I feel my purpose unfolding before me, not positive exactly what it is yet, but I do know it is to help others with the emotional “earthquake/tsunami” rhat is coming. To be a beacon of spiritual light. Thank you so much for this site and the beautiful guidance you are giving.

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