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Steve Gunn 

Internationally recognized Psychic Metaphysical Practitioner

Psychic Reading to tell you where you are on the path, why things are happening as they are, and what the universe wants from you - combined with Metaphysical teaching how to transcend those help make the future a happier one !  

I help people work with life's challenges, using psychic reading as it is meant to be used, to see what's going on inside you and around you energetically, why it needs to, and how that's affecting your life experience.. I help you to see the big picture and try to guide you to learn how to surf the waves of change not be swamped by them.

Learning how destiny, freewill, karma, cycles of energy, and spiritual tests are at work in our lives - and thus defining our path, is at the core of dealing with life's challenges.. often we don't consider this until we hit a time of crisis and wonder WHY.....

Working with mechanics of the energy universe - those forces that affect everything we do, that are everything we, are brings very real and powerful and tangible results....

Metaphysical Consultations - reconnect with the inner you..

Overcome loss, bereavement, spiritual & emotional crisis, Twin souls & soul-mates. Learning to cope with addiction, codependency, troubling relationships and interactions.    Dealing with other people's energy - disillusionment, depression and lack of direction. Unlocking your physical passion, creative skills, personal power.. emotional flow and balance. Find the underlying causes that stop you losing weight or keep you smoking. Developing your psychic / intuitive skills.

email / skype / facebook chat to discuss what's possible and to ask questions ..I welcome inquiries...

All consultations from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.
All you need is a telephone or Skype audio connection.
Consultations available at short notice, often same day or within next few days
Just email with your country, time zone and availability..
If you have any questions please just email me ( contact details at top of page )
Read an article about consultations "Can I Take Notes"


 Internationally recognized Psychic Metaphysical Practitioner with clients on all continents.

Author of best selling 'When Two Souls Connect' - 2002
Author of 'Soul Connections - The Myth & The Metaphysics' - 2014
Author of 'Metaphysicality - Spirituality of the Energy universe' - 2014
Author of many popular Spiritual Metaphysical articles on the web, more than 1million views
Author of 'Psychic Guidance Code of Practise' defining ethics - 2007
Devisor of 'Natural Energy Therapy' - UK 2002
Devisor of 'Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping' - 2007
Designed & Publisher 'Tarot-SG' version 2001, 2004 & 2014 - chosen by many professionals
Ordained Minister

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Spirituality of the
Energy Universe

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The Myths and the Metaphysics


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